My Shipping Policies

If an item is broken when you receive it, email me photos of the box and the item IMMEDIATELY so I can quickly file a claim and refund your account! USPS works hard with me to make sure no one has to lose money when there is a breakage. 

If you purchase more than one item in one order, your shipping cost may not be accurately calculated at checkout. If you are charged more than I am charged when purchasing your shipping label, you will be refunded the overage. If you are under-charged significantly, and your label actually costs me much more than what you paid, you may be sent an invoice to cover the extra cost. Please understand that it quickly costs too much for me to cover all overages. 

I combine your orders the best way I can in order to save you the most on shipping cost. However, it is my #1 priority to ensure your item gets to you in one piece! This means I cannot combine your orders if it seems unsafe to do so. Some mugs fit neatly together in one box, while other larger mugs are too risky to combine. Larger boxes are often necessary for extra padding between items. It's worth it in the end to not have to deal with a breakage!