I missed your update and all items are sold out. When can I purchase next?

I release batches of work about every month and a half. It is difficult to stay in a strict rotation because I am a full time student, but as I create new work I keep my social media pages updated. If you miss out on something, don't worry! It just might reappear next go around, along with new designs I come up with each month. 

Can I custom order work?

I currently do not take custom orders due to various reasons, particularly the risk of custom work being damaged and timelines being pushed back.

I just placed an order, how long will it take to ship?

I carefully pack all orders to ensure safety, therefore I do not rush through the packing process. Please allow 3-4 business days for your order to be sent off. If you have a special request for quicker shipping, leave me a message with your order!

Can my orders be combined?

I will combine orders and refund any shipping overages when it is safe to do so. I will not risk breakage to combine too many pieces. I have your best interest in mind, so whatever I can do to save you money and headache, I will do to the best of my abilities!

What happens if I break my piece after it is safely shipped to me?

I unfortunately cannot refund any order that were broken after safe delivery. 

My order arrived damaged, what should I do?

Take photos of the damaged box and piece(s) and send them to me immediately, preferably by email. I will create a shipping claim and do my best to fully refund you as soon as your claim is processed by the shipping service.