About me.

I first got my hands in clay during early high school. I was really bad at it, but part of me loved throwing bad pots more than painting canvases. I wanted my own wheel not too long after graduating high school because I really missed my art class. My teacher was a huge inspiration to me; her passion made me see the art form on a deeper level. I was able to connect this art with the expression of worship in my faith. After a year of searching here and there, I finally got my own wheel. I taught myself patience and attention to detail with the help of Youtube and Instagram. The ceramics community online is so open to sharing advice; I quickly befriended many other artists and grew into my own style. While I am still learning and improving with each batch of work I produce, I've already been able to share my work with you all across the world. With each purchase of my pottery, I get to send a piece of my heart to you. 
I am a college student, currently a senior. Soon I will have completed my Bachelors degree in Psychology. Over the next few years, my goal is to complete graduate school and become a counselor. My small business will remain small in order to preserve the joys of this hobby. My heart is so full with each mug I'm able to create; it is my therapy.